New Hopsin single out too???!!! AWESOME WEEK!!!

I was trolling through the interwebs and came across another new Hopsin album today (released 11/27/2013) also, so I bought it lol. I had no other option! It was a single that came with a full song, the acapella, and the instrumental. This is pretty dope if you ask me! I’m waiting on it to download so I can remix it myself 😀 In the meantime, here’s the links so you can do the same!

Itunes, Amazon MP3



Knock Madness FINALLY OUT!!!

Finally!!! The long awaited, highly anticipated, album of the 2010’s is OUT!!!! KNOCK MADNESS!!!

The wait is finally over and well worth it! This action packed, 18 track album is loaded of awesome beats, features, and even artwork! I pre-ordered mine and am glad I did! It came with a 3-D insert, and an autographed booklet, and if that wasn’t enough, I got it the day before knock madness released!

The album features other Funk Volume artists such as Swizzz, Dizzy Wright, and Jarren Benton, as well as seasoned veteran, Tech N9ne on the track “Rip Your Heart Out,” which Hopsin had released a video for on 11/12/2013 and is EPIC!!!

Considering he released the original single titled “Knock Madness” over 2 years ago, I’m glad to finally be able to listen to this sweet, audible chocolate.

Be sure to pick it up on itunes, amazon, and wherever else you people buy music online.